Why is it taking so long for my refund to be processed?

For Prepaid orders, the moment ShopSM advises you of a refund due to order cancellations (be it full or partial), a request to our bank or eWallet partner is simultaneously created. 

The processing of refunding the money back into your account is highly dependent on our partners, since your transaction with us was already voided and the refunded charges are now with our bank or eWallet partner, for processing and charging the amount back into your account. 

The average time it takes for our bank partners to process these chargebacks often take 14 banking days, but may take longer if they are operating at limited capacity due to the pandemic. Due to data privacy concerns, we have no visibility on your banking data and can only assist with following up on the refund status with our bank or e-Wallet partner.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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